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Due to recent controversies connected to the industry, Blockchain Panther is NOT INVOLVED IN CRYPTOCURRENCIES.

Consolidity – Corporate Administration Reinvented

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Consolidity is a complete solution to company formation, administration and token issuance. It assists you to found and digitally administer your company even from abroad.

Functions available:

  • Company formation
  • E-governance
  • Token issuance

Beneficial for:

  • Company Owners
  • Stakeholders
  • Investors


  • Law Firms
  • Accounting Partners
  • Governmental Organizations

Use Consolidity’s platform to form and manage your business, cooperate with all the parties involved from stakeholders to accounting partners and benefit from the token issuance feature. Minimize paperwork and maximize efficiency. Use your time to do your work, let Consolidity deal with the rest!

Blockchain & New Tech Solutions

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Blockchain Panther’s experts guide you confidently through the fields of smart contracts, Bitcoin, Ethereum, tokenization and provide you with all the most relevant use cases of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Panther helps you with state of the art technical solutions to run your business and reach your goals via a road that is both safe, smart and fast! From white paper to project viability, planning and realization of the project, we help you throughout the whole process.

Blockchain Panther offers the following services related to blockchain & new technology:

  • Full blockchain consultancy
  • Development
  • Project Planning
  • Technical Paper
  • Token Economics
  • Blockchain Concept Schemes

Workshops – Get Your Company in the Loop!

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Blockchain Panther organizes introductory trainings and workshops for companies and those interested in the technology on a regular basis.

Covering subject matters from basic building blocks of blockchain through development tools, we make sure that all the upcoming questions are being answered.

Introductory events are available as:

  • Half day event of two sessions
  • Full day event of four sessions
  • Two-day/weekend event of eight sessions

Introductory trainings focus on lectures, workshops focus on small group sessions.

Weekend events are available consisting both lectures and small-group sessions.

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We will send you one regular email a week with news, and will occasionally also inform you about our events, workshops and courses, as well as our services and special offers.

Keep yourself updated by subscribing to this digest of the essential news regarding BC & NewTech!

About Blockhain Panther

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The demand for blockchain engineers grows day-by-day on our way towards a stable decentralized economy.

Therefore it was inevitable for our group of blockchain experts to find the framework where they can contribute with their knowledge towards all those interested..

Hence Blockchain Panther was founded, not only as an academy with formal training courses but also in the form of a consultant service to handle any questions that might emerge regarding blockchain technology..

Whether it is a development problem related to blockchain technology, the desire to get your team educated on the topic or you are about to jump into the blockchain business, we are here to help.

Blockchain Panther's Mission

“The demand for blockchain engineers is skyrocketing”
–  Forbes, 2018 April

We envision a stable and decentralized economy… …and we are committed to work in order to make it happen. We build, and develop engineers who can take it to the next level. We educate companies about the purposes and potential of blockchain. We are working on the future…

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